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We install and service high pressure mist systems for residential and commercial patios, ramadas, water features and more. Our misters can provide you with cooling up to 30 degrees on your outdoor space all year long. In addition to cooling our commercial applications include humidity, dust and odor control. Our goal is to provide the best misting product, installation and service in the greater Phoenix area. Whether your a single homeowner or large contractor you have come to the right place for knowledgeable, affordable and professional misting experts.


With our Phoenix misting systems, service comes first!  High quality misting systems from Arizona Mist Systems, Inc. are affordable and add value. Our misting systems are ideal for cooling patios, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, Arizona room and those outdoor workplaces that require a more manageable climate. Take a look at our list of Residential and Commercial applications.

Arizona Mist Systems takes pride in creatively transforming any outdoor area into a cool, comfortable living space. We will listen to your cooling needs, and will find the best mist system products to suit them! Contact us today for your free estimate. (602) 908-7676.

"Seems like I've known you for a long have proven your excellence in the Arizona 'mist market' as a business man and as a good person and you have honored me in the process.  Thank you." - Cyndy A.